Rensa is a new content development and distribution platform that uses blockchain to send real-time payments directly to game developers and content creators.

We're building Web3 infrastructure for the entire gaming ecosystem. With Rensa, independent creators can list and monetize video games and their underlying assets via tokenized licenses. We believe this will enable new modes of collaboration in a decentralized and transparent environment.

Who is it for?

Game developers who want a new way to distribute their work with transparent, real-time payments.

Creators will have their contributions to a game encoded as part of the royalties paid out at each point of sale.

Players can purchase digital copies of games and freely resell them, in contrast to other existing digital distribution platforms.

How does it work?

You’re able to access Rensa's Marketplace page via MetaMask and purchase games in either ETH (native Ethereum cryptocurrency) or MATIC (native Polygon cryptocurrency), depending on the game. Some will have a finite number of licenses, while others will be functionally unlimited.

Completing this purchase will send a Game License Token from our smart contract to your digital wallet. Simply refresh the page and start playing right in your browser.