Powered by Rensa
Powered by Rensa

Powered by Rensa

Powered by Rensa is a white-label version of our technology stack that empowers enterprise clients with digital media to tokenize and monetize them with a simple JavaScript plugin.

Powered by Rensa pipes our infrastructure into your website or platform, and provides hooks into styling to give the site a look and feel familiar to your existing users.

Who is it for?

Enterprise clients who want to use the features of the Rensa platform with their own content.

How does it work?

Once the client selects the media they want to upload and tokenize, Rensa will mint an owner/license token combination for the client. Once the client integrates Powered by Rensa's JavaScript plugin into their own website, users will be able to browse and purchase this media directly from the client.

The client receives revenues from token sales in-real time, and any royalties to collaborators are distributed at the point of sale.