Creating a Studio


Before you can upload content or create a Showcase, you’ll need to make a Studio. A Studio can be one person or a group of creators. Once you’ve connected your wallet, click on the Studios tab to start the process.

Nativating to Studio page.

You’ll be prompted to name your Studio, and add a logo and banner. Acceptable file types for the logo and banner are .png and .jpeg.

Selecting Studio logo.

Next, you’ll need to add member wallet addresses.

Please note that your wallet will automatically be populated as Admin. You can add additional wallets as co-creators by entering the wallet’s address in the open field and clicking the + button. You can delete wallets that were already added by clicking the X next to the address.

Adding wallet addresses for other members.

When you’re ready, click the Create button to make your Studio. This action does not hit the chain, so there no gas fee paid to create a Studio.

Content Hosting Agreement

Before posting content, you’ll need to agree to our Content Hosting Agreement (CHA). The purpose of the CHA is to protect Intellectual Property – both your own and those of others. Send an email to if you're interested.


Digital media assets on Rensa are designed to be content licenses, whether that is a game ("Game License Token") or other digital object ("Asset License Token"). Anyone hosting content on our platform must first sign a legally binding agreement representing that they own the rights to the content they upload. These agreements will be handled offline at first, but will be integrated into the upload flow as we scale.

If you post content that isn’t yours, you will be legally liable, so don’t do it. Information for DMCA takedown requests can be found in our Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.