What is it?


Rensa created Showcase to run game jams, hackathons, and other competitions efficiently, transparently, and autonomously using blockchain infrastructure.

Our Showcase technology supports input formats of all kinds, meaning it can find use in the gaming, music, and film industries... and beyond.

Who is it for?

Participants in game jams, hackathons, and other similar competitions—including both the builders who submit entries to the prompt, and sponsors and judges who fund and evaluate the entries.

In our past work and current development on Rensa, one of the major issues we’ve heard from creators is that payments are frequently opaque or delayed—if they arrive at all.

That’s why Rensa’s existing game and asset distribution system pays independent developers and content creators in real-time, at each point of sale. Every transaction is immediately public on a block explorer like Polygonscan. Now, we’re applying that same concept to hackathons.

How does it work?

Showcase automates the key functions of any game jam or hackathon. This includes:

  • Forming a team
  • Accruing funds in a prize pool
  • Submitting projects
  • Voting by judges
  • Sending funds to the winners

We accomplish this using blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts. This includes DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. In short, DAOs allow for voting on content in an efficient and transparent way.