Challenges live within a Showcase, and each can have its own unique theme or prompt.

Creating a Challenge

Click Sponsor a Challenge. Enter the title, sponsor’s name, and description of what participants should deliver. The description supports formatting and rich text.

Navigating to the Sponsor a Challenge page.

Next you’ll set prize allocations. Set the percentages each place should receive. You can do winner-takes-all at 100% for first place, or divide the prize between different places (for example, 50%/30%/20% between first/second/third).

Set custom prize distribution for winners.

Any allocation leftover that does not add up to 100% will go to the first place winner.

Add a logo and banner by either dragging and dropping or using the file browser. Supported file types are .png and .jpeg.

Upload logos and banners for Challenge visuals.

Click Create Challenge. Wait for the MetaMask pop-up, then confirm the transaction. You can use the block explorer link in the popup to view the transaction.

Progress pop-ups from digital wallet appear as challenge is saved.

You can create additional Challenges through the same process.

Editing a Challenge

If you want to make changes to a Challenge, click Edit Challenge. You’ll be able to make edits to the Title, Host, Description, Logo, and Banner Image.

Navigating to the Edit Challenge page.

The End Challenge button will not do anything until the Showcase is finished–i.e. the date and time the Showcase is set to end has passed.

Click Save when ready. Editing a Challenge does not change anything on the blockchain, so it does not require a MetaMask transaction or gas fee.


Once you’re on the Challenge page, click Contribute funds.

Click on the number to enter the amount of funds you want to add, then click Done to set the amount. When you’re ready, click Add Funds.

Adding funds into Showcase jam prize pool.

If you clicked onto the Contribute funds button accidentally, just click outside the box to go back to the main Challenge page.

Wait for the MetaMask pop-up, then confirm the transaction. You can view transaction progress from the popup window in Etherscan.

Digital wallet pop-ups display fund contribution transaction progress.

Once funding is complete, you can click the Prize pool link to display the funded escrow wallet. Funds submitted are visible in the escrow wallet.

Challenge prize pool displays funds in escrow wallet.

Adding Judges

Navigate to the Challenge page.

Click Add judges. Enter the judges' wallet addresses in the fields by pasting them in and then clicking the + button.

Adding multiple judges to Challenge.

You can remove wallets by clicking the X next to the address.

Click Done when finished. If you clicked onto the Add judges button accidentally, just click outside the box to go back to the main Challenge page.

Wait for the MetaMask pop-up, then confirm the transaction and wait for it to execute.

Digital wallet pop-ups display judge setup transaction progress.

You can edit judges, but make sure you click Done after making the changes and allow it to save the update to the chain.

Confirming edited judge entry.

Ending the Competition

After the deadline for judging passes, you will need to end the Challenge to distribute rewards to winners.

Navigate to the relevant Challenge page and click Edit Challenge.

Scroll all the way to the top of the page and click End Challenge.

Confirm Challenge with digital wallet transaction.

Wait for the MetaMask pop-up, then click Confirm. Open the block explorer link to view the transaction. Once the transaction finishes, you can cancel out of the Edit Challenge page.

Once the competition is closed, the rewards will be sent from escrow to the winning wallets.

Confirming Payouts

When the Challenge has ended, payments should be distributed automatically and there will be no funding left in the escrow wallet. You can click the block explorer link to the escrow wallet in the Challenge page to see how funds have been distributed, visible in the Internal Transactions tab.

Escrow wallet distributes payments to winners, emptying prize pool.